Day 95: Substitute by teacandles

Title: Substitute
Author: teacandles
Main Character(s): Kurt & Burt
Rating: K+
Status (As of date of post): Complete
Summary: It’s amazing how much Kurt sounds like his mother on the phone.
Why I love it: You know how I usually love Burt Hummel? *Sigh* Stories like this are tough for me. On one hand, I CAN’T BELIEVE BURT WOULD DO THIS TO HIS KID! But on the other, I sorta understand why he keeps calling Kurt and trying to bring back the past. Gah, it’s a short little story but it brings up SO MANY emotions I feel a little wild right now. Okay, so pretty much this is NOT the Burt Hummel I love, but it’s one of those one-shots that are written so well and the emotions are so poignant, that I just had to recommend, because it forces you to feel so much! So you should read it. Also, I want to cuddle Kurt. Pretty much all the time. But especially at the end of this fic. (READ IT!)

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