Day 28: Baby, it’s cold outside by teacandles

Title:  Baby, it’s cold outside
Author: teacandles
Main Character(s): Kurt/Blaine
Rating: T
Status (As of date of post):  Complete
Summary: Say, what’s in this drink? Fill for a prompt on LJ’s glee angst meme. Warning for date rape.
Why I love it: Okay first off: I love Blaine. Kurt and Blaine are like Jim and Pam to me, perfect! But I have to admit I love a good dark!Blaine fic. This fic is a bit intense, but that’s one of the reasons I love it. The whole time I read it, I just wanted to find myself a Kurt and hug him ‘til he felt better. Ha. If you like angsty stories with a dark!Blaine, read it!